HugoMy name is George. I’m now 34 and I’m from the country of Georgia. In the past I’ve studied directing, scriptwriting, BA in character design and more recently graduated from MA Animation course at the University of the West of England, Bristol. I’ve also had extensive practice in different media areas, such as TV talk show co-ordination or music CD reviewing for a local music mag. But I’ve actually been obsessed with animation since I was 10. I work in character animation (key, in-between) and design. I also do¬†storyboarding and occasional voice acting.

I believe animation is another language of expressing your views and this is why my personal works are based around common human ideas. But that’s just my solo work – I’ve also been able to improvise and fit my skills to any circumstances and customer demands.

Like many fellow animators, I’ve always wanted to embody my ideas in a form of a short film (or a few of them). So far I’ve done a music video, one short MA film (with lovely B. Panks) and three major short (5-6 min.) films. My recent film “Hugo” is a part of a big collaboration between young creative minds, exclusively developed for and sponsored by DVV International.

At the moment I basically work alone, but there are also many goals I’ve always hoped to achieve – things like active collaboration with other animators, major practice in a studio and maybe, one very remote day – turning all my ideas into a feature film (who knows?)